“Asan Imza” has been awarded the prestigious Global mobileGov Awards 2017 for contribution to the design of the Electronic Government of the future and the expansion of services for citizens

The global mobileGov World Summit was held on May 7-9, 2017 in Brighton, UK, and traditionally brought together professionals of mobile industry, representatives of Public sector, NGOs and academic community to discuss and share the latest achievements and challenges related to the introduction of mobile government services.

Senior representatives of the public sector from the countries where development of new and innovative mobile services or decisions for Public sector are most efficient implemented, shared their experiences and lessons learnt in the use of mobile technologies in the public sector, information security, building the Internet of Things systems and development of artificial intelligence in used innovations.

One of the reports on the mobileGov World Summit was made by Mrs. Jana Krimpe, the head of the Azerbaijani company «B.EST Solutions», an operator of «Asan İmza» Mobile-ID service. The main topic of the «Azerbaijan Mobile ID – Your Mobile PASSPORT in the New Generation mGovernment» report was «Asan İmza» technology, presented on Summit under the «Made in Azerbaijan» brand. «Asan İmza»