B.EST Solutions mobile-ID “Asan Imza” SIM card can now be extended with SMS

Nowadays, when a large part of the world is working remotely, it is crucial for our citizens to use simplified e-services. So, now the mobile-ID provided by B.EST Solutions in Azerbaijan called “Asan Imza” users who are the mobile network operator Azercell Telekom mobile subscribers can extend the use of their SIM card for the mobile-ID “Asan Imza” service with and SMS.

Through online “Asan Imza” service prolongation on the taxpayers’ portal, citizens will no longer need to change their SIM card and waste time by visiting the customer service center for replacing “Asan Imza” service SIM card. It is significant to recall that extension of the SIM-card with SMS is not enough for “Asan Imza” service prolongation, it is also necessary to prolong certificates for the next 3 years online on the single Internet portal of the taxpayer e-taxes.gov.az no later than 30 days beforethe expiration date of certificate. Later or after the expiration date, online prolongation procedure will not be available, and a user will need to visit the Asan Certification Services Center (ASXM) under the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy for certificate prolongation.

Thus, in order to prolong the “Asan Imza” service on a functioning SIM card, citizens should send an SMS to “8500” short number with the keyword:

“ferdi” for users of the “Asan Imza” service for individuals;

“biznes” for users of the “Asan Imza” service for legal entities;

“Dovlet” for users of the “Asan Imza” service for governmental entities. 

In order to receive information about the validation period of the “Asan Imza” service, one is required to send an SMS to “8500” short number with “status” keyword. Detailed instructions on SMS extension can be found here: https://www.azercell.com/media/html/files/SMS%20vasitesi%20ile%20uzadilma.pdf

By calling the “Asan Imza” Call Center “1847” or by writing to info@asanimza.az citizens may receive answers to their inquiries.

About “Asan Imza”:

Due to the mobility solution and easiness to use, Mobile Identity – “Asan Imza” is popular solution among citizens and business, and is the key component of m-Government. At the moment more than 1000 public and private electronic services use “Asan Imza” in their systems. “Asan Imza” has been integrated with the call-centers of various governmental and private organizations, it is used for submitting the electronic customs declarations, declaration of goods and vehicles in customs service, registration of labor agreement notifications, opening bank-accounts remotely, on-line application to the educational institutions, etc.                                                                                                                

Read more at: http://www.asanimza.az