Money 20/20 Europe 6-8 June 2023

B.EST Solutions exhibited at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, 6-8 June 2023 - Europe's biggest fintech event.

B.EST Solutions was happy returning to Money 20/20 Europe 2023. Our CSO Daniil Gussev presented presented the firms Quantum ready eSIM/SIM Mobile Identity at the Estonian Pavilion.

The event was filled with lots of new info about the industry, and just genuinely good time with fantastic people. B.EST Solutions joined the event together with the Enterprise Estonia delegation Team. It is here together with 17 Estonian companies CybExer Technologies, Complok, Wallester, Fintech Market, TrustLynx, Mifundo, Mooncascade, Advapay, SK ID Solutions, Vespia, Inbank, Cybernetica, Union FinTech, Bankish, Dexatel, Tuum showcased the latest capabilities and technologies to the world’s fintech market Estonia has to offer.