About us


The company, the solutions implemented and managed by it, and its team have been recognised by the United Nations, Google and Financial Times, EU, OECD, U.S State Department, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our customers include multinationals, major banks, mobile network operators, and insurance companies, along with international organisations and a wide variety of other clients. Coming from Estonia – a leading digital country, we’re sharing the experience with the global community.

Everything is backed up with practical experience. Something to be proud of.

Not just theory. We’re one of few, that have launched from ground up, a national mobile-ID ecosystem connected to 650 e-services, and managed it to an inflexion point of 90M uses.


A local approach, with a global capacity to set-up in all parts of the world.

Solutions cannot simply be copied from one country to another. That’s why we work for executable goals, according to local conditions and capacities.

No vendor lock-in. No off-the-shelf products.

This approach is driven by the highest standards, fostering interoperability and connectivity locally, regionally, and globally with partners for business and political development.

Financial report is avalable here