Implementing the «Mobile ID» project based on Azerbaijani technology «Asan İmza» is initiated in Ukraine

Within the ХІХ International Scientific and Practical Conference “Information Security in Information and Telecommunication Systems”, arranged by the State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine, held in Bucha (Kiev, Ukraine) on May 25-26, it was announced about the end of the second and the last phase of the pilot project for implementing the “Mobile ID” and the launch of the main project for the implementation of the “Mobile ID”, based on the technology “Asan İmza”.

During the conference a wide range of key issues that determine the legal, scientific, technical and economic aspects of ensuring the information protection in such areas as legislative and regulatory issues in the field of information security was also discussed, as well as topical issues of information security in cyberspace, prospects and problems of creating modern radio technical means of special communication, technical solutions and proposals for the creation and operation of modern secure information networks, and topical issues of the training personnel system in information security.

During the plenary session the issue of the main achievements and problems in information security was reviewed. It also included speeches by the heads of the State Service of Communications, Presidential administration, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, representatives of ministries and agencies of Ukraine, as well as leading domestic and foreign enterprises among which was Jana Krimpe, the head of the “B.EST Solutions” company, an operator of “Asan İmza” enhanced e- signature. As part of the presentation at the plenary session, Mrs. Krimpe noted that the technology of the digital mobile identity “Asan İmza”, meeting all international standards of the highest level of security, is the most important tool for ensuring information security in the provision of electronic services, preventing the risks of unauthorized access to users’ personal data. During the presentation, the project of the Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan and the potential of cross-border electronic services between Ukraine and Azerbaijan were presented. The presentation of Azerbaijan’s innovations aroused great interest among the participants of the conference. B.EST Solutions “company and “Asan İmza” team are working hard to export the innovative Azerbaijani brand to different countries. It is “Asan İmza” that will allow “Mobile ID” in Ukraine to get the same advantages that are available to Azerbaijani citizens today” Jana Krimpe said. We hope that “Asan İmza” will become not only an innovative identity of Ukraine in providing electronic services to a wide range of people, but also act as a connecting element in the construction of cross-border electronic services between our countries, creating new innovative opportunities for the development of transport and logistics routes, exports and facilitation of business procedures between Azerbaijan and Ukraine, ” Mrs. Jana Krimpe said. Commending the professionalism of Ukrainian colleagues in the implementation of cryptographic protection

systems, Mrs. Krimpe expressed her confidence that cooperation between the two countries will give impetus to the implementation of new technologies and mutual enrichment with high-tech experience, especially in the implementation of post-quantum cryptography.

It should be reminded that at late last year the Ukrainian delegation visited Baku and studied the experience of Azerbaijani specialists in electronic public services and advanced technologies. The mobile electronic signature “Asan İmza” raised particular interest. The parties discussed a number of issues on the technology application. In September, 2016 at the PKI Forum of Ukraine the analogue of the technology “Mobile ID” enabling signing the documents with the national certificate of the electronic digital signature of Ukraine in test mode. The pilot signing of the document between Azerbaijan and Ukraine took place with the technical support of B.EST Solutions, the “Asan İmza” operator, the certification center of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Asan Certification Services Center under the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

It should be noted that taking into consideration the level of mobile technologies penetration into everyday life and professional activity, the trends towards the technologies introduction for new cellular standards such as 3G and LTE, as well as increased demand for smartphones, the “Mobile ID” technology looks one of the most promising among provision of electronic services to citizens both by the state and commercial enterprises. “Mobile ID” implies placing a mobile electronic signature on the phone SIM card, which will serve as an identifier for the creation of legally significant electronic documents.